WhatsApp Marketing Services

Are you aware from the power of Whatsapp, WhatsApp is an important online marketing tool, used to target smart devices clients and new users for promotion purpose, Whatsapp can be used to promote your products and your company services in more efficient way then SMS Marketing services, via whatsapp you can quickly broadcast your marketing MMS to your potential clients, broadcast new sale offers and super charge your sales. in SMS marketing you have limitation for characters and you cannot use images but in whatsapp you can use anything big text or large image, you can write somethign on the image and broadcast it easily without text limitation, if you want to send an image you will not able to link it to your website as its not supported.

That’s why Whatsapp marketing is the new and smartest way to get to your potential clients and users.

Whay WhatsApp?
in Dubai many of our clients have used Whatsapp marketing services and they found them very effective and effeciant, even when user receive whatsapp message for products or services even if they are not interested in the services some of his/her friends will be interested in the same services they just forward to their friends as it is free for them but normally people wouldn’t forward SMS instead.here we will consider some points which explain that whatsapp is better than SMS.

1- Cost effective Solution: whatsapp services is little less expensive compare to SMS Service
2- SMS and MMS Support: You can use short text message or MMS, both can be delivered.
3- Sharing: people can share your text/image very easily.
4- Full with links: you can make bigger text message or put an image, in text message you can put your website link easily.