Managed Backup Solutions

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of Dirhims. We offer backup for your data on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis, we provide customized service for different databases, all the backup versions will be accessible to you all the time from our cloud infrastructure, We can backup for you the following.

  • MySQL Databases
  • MSSQL Databases
  • Oracle Databases
  • Critical Files
  • Website Files
  • etc

Offsite Backup Solutions

A crash can occur of your system at anytime and all the data you have will be completely wiped out. This is why it is necessary to have a backup of your information. Maybe you are worried about how to backup your files, or you have heard about incidents where the backup data is destroyed along with the original due to fires or some other disaster and you need a different place to serve as backup for your data, Whitehats offers different solutions to ensure that clients do not have to be worried about their data backup security. If you are searching for premium and highly secure offsite backup solutions, we are exactly what you need.

At Whitehats, we have a team of experienced engineers with over 10 years experience setting up and managing offsite backup solutions for different companies and businesses. Some of the resources which are used include

  • Tape based storage
  • Cloud storage
  • CDP

There are many other choices that Whitehats offers for offsite data storage. Whatever the demands of the client, we are happy to customize our solution to fit it.

Our IT professionals are not restricted in any way to specific software or techniques. Whatever hardware device or software you use at your office, made or sold by whatever manufacturer or vendor, we can handle and install it for our clients.

If you are a multinational company with various branches in different locations, or countries, we can secure all your data in different ways. We can transfer all the data from your branches to the head office where it will be secured by a department there, and at the same time, transfer the data from your head office to the different locations or branches. We have the resources in both human capital and expertise to be in any of the countries where your company operates in to ensure your data security in transfer. We work for you in those different locations under the compliance plan your company operates.

We create secure VPNs to make sure the backup transfer is secure. This works to ensure that at no point during the transfer can the line be hacked. We also use courier services if necessary to transfer the data in portable storage devices.