Vertilex IT support tackles issues which require an onsite solution. These issues include hardware malfunctions which are impossible to adjust remotely, as well as issues such as training staff to use new applications, install new equipment etc. For issues of this kind Vertilex offers onsite technical services in Dubai which would require our technicians coming to your office.

How it Works

You can order for an onsite visit from our technicians on the phone or through our helpdesk service. We could also suggest onsite IT support for some clients whose remote help requests cannot be fulfilled on distance. We arrange such visits only after informing a customer about the need and obtaining his approval. We can get to any destination in the UAE and fulfill an order within 1-8 hours.

What Issues Can be Solved by Onsite IT Support

A lot of companies do not have IT computer support personnel on their staff and these companies usually require this service. Today, this service has become very popular and a lot of companies hire outsourcing IT specialists to solve issues on call. This kind of IT support is helpful in cases like:

  • When you need to relocate your office location and set up a new computer network
  • You have some functional problems with hardware in your office which cannot be solved by correcting remote settings
  • Installation of operating systems and other software
  • The need to train your team to work with specific software or equipment

Some of the issues require more than one visit of our specialists to your office, while for some, one visit is enough. When we work on your problems, we ensure we keep you fully informed about the current state of the problem and what changes we have made. If there is any change in the initial estimation of the scope of the work, we also keep you informed.

Rates and Availability

Our technicians can visit your office during UAE business hours (9:00 – 18:00 Sat- Thu). The charges for our support services are according to the scope of the work done. You can order onsite IT support on the phone or through our helpdesk.

Emergencies Support

For your business to operate in the contemporary world, you need to be sure of emergency IT support. This is one of the most effective safeguards to ensure the smooth operation of a business. timely and efficient response in IT emergencies is of absolute importance and we know this. This is why our Emergency support team in Dubai is always ready to step in and resolve any issue withour client’s computers or networks.

Dealing with IT Emergencies

A well secured network and regular software updates and backups are reliable enough to protect your business from many unpleasant surprises and halts. However, even the most strict security measure is never enough to completely protect the computers in your office from every possible risk, even if they are maintained regularly. This is why ISP data centers are usually housed in underground bunkers with controlled climate, backup power and redundant cabling. An ISP data center can afford this infrastructure especially because the service that the data center offers is directly related to this infrastructure. However, if you run an office that deals with documents, like a law office for example, renting an underground storage facility with climate control and tons of wiring is not practical. It is more effective to have a more cost effective approach in all ramifications.

Our Emergency IT Services

First BIT is happy to provide our clients with comprehensive emergency IT support 24/7. Our fast response emergency team is always available to make a visit in case of urgent need to your location. We:

  • Identify the problem quickly and accurately
  • Suggest a temporary solution if needed or possible
  • Quickly restore normal operation of your IT equipment
  • Suggest measures for your office to employ to minimize the risk of the same problem occurring again.

As little as a few minutes delay can make the difference between a successfully conducted operation and many months of going back and forth. At First BIT, we understand the importance of timeliness and are fully prepared to make every effort to bring your system back online as soon as humanly possible.